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Matthew Mandarino


Owner of MJM Fitness and Athlete’s Paradise, ISSA Certified Trainer, Sports Nutrition


The youngest of the three partners, but what he lacks in age is made up for in his passion, drive, dedication, and hard work. Matt is currently a personal trainer with his own business MJM Fitness. Matt has worked with over 75 clients in his short tenure running MJM Fitness. While balancing clients, he is currently in school working to become a physical therapist. It was Matt of the three partners who began Athlete’s Paradise and has not looked back ever since. “I have put a lot of focus and effort into this new company and I was ecstatic when Dr. Campbell and Dr. Mandarino were as passionate about it as myself. Our goal is to help athletes enhance their on-field performance with a blend of Elite training and recovery. That is where I created the company name ‘Athlete’s Paradise” because this company is everything an athlete will need to take themselves to the next level”


Athletic Group Training: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Wrestling, BodyBuilding & Powerlifting

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