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Dr. Laura Cinque

B.S., DC

Dr. Cinque is a licensed chiropractor and graduate of Life University School of Chiropractic. A prior owner of a two-office practice, she has enjoyed treating patients from infancy to 98 years of age for more than twenty years. Dr. Cinque also designed her own gentle, seated technique for semi-ambulatory, elderly patients unable to mount and arise from the adjusting table. She has provided expert witness testimony and is certified in Physiologic Therapeutics, Erhardt X-ray Seminars and New Jersey State Covid-19 Contact Tracing. Dr. Cinque is a board member of the Rutgers Board for Disability Sports, Health and Wellness. She also enjoys board membership in the concert choir with which she performs, volunteering at a local bike exchange, food pantry and with Blind Athletes, Inc. in her spare time.

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